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psychoanalytic psychotherapist | clinical supervisor | couples therapist The Dark Night of the Soul is the title given to a poem by 16th-century Spanish poet and What insights might we take away from this familiar, nearly ubiquitous metaphor of dying .. Darkness and turmoil stimulate the imagination in a certain way.

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Woman Fighter, Grenadier. Axe Man, Grenadier Bard with Pipes, Grenadier Dungeon Explorer. Sold as Is used in excellent condition. A google check is usually the best way to find out if the software will run on your computer. If the photos show an open box with the parts laid out, it is not new or sealed. Grenadier Models produced this Traveller range of 25mm scale miniatures in Are you a fan of collecting fantasy miniature?.

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Shop by Category. Brand see all. Wizards of the Coast. Age Level see all. Not Specified. Featured Refinements see all. When he steals her away from her world he expects to claim her as his bride.

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Now, he must make the ultimate sacrifice if she is to survive. He knows one thing for certain; he would do anything for the love of Tia. Excerpt from For The Love of Tia. Carmen Walker has spent the last three years of her life focusing on avenging the murder of her husband.

Following leads to the man responsible, she finally has a chance to bring closure to the overwhelming pain and grief that is slowly eating away at her. Catching a ride on the business jet her sister is co-piloting, she heads to California to meet with her informant. Plans change when one of the women on board is kidnapped when they land and Carmen is mortally wounded.

She wakes to find herself on board an alien warship heading to a distant world.

He is credited with ending the wars between the Valdier and the Cruizan and Sarafin worlds and building a strong alliance with their former enemies. But, that victory came at a cost. Creon has given up hope of ever finding his true mate, believing his soul is too dark to ever be gifted with one. That all changes when a small, delicate female unlike anything he has ever seen before is brought to his world. The moment he sees her, he knows she belongs to him.

His dragon will do anything to claim her, his symbiot will do anything to protect her, and he would do anything to chase the shadows from her eyes.

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For he knows he has found the light to his darkness. Now, the challenge will be to corner her long enough for her to realize he is the only one in the universe who can heal her shattered heart.

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She will fight him at every turn to return home to finish what she has started. He will do everything in his power to keep her by his side. It will take every skill he possesses to stay one step ahead of her. Can he convince her to give love a second chance before she risks everything — including her life — for revenge? Excerpt from Cornering Carmen.


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Paul Grove loves two things in the world more than anything else: his daughter, Trisha, and roaming the mountains and forests of Wyoming. One he would kill for, the other is who he is. When she disappears, he focuses all of his hunting and tracking skills on finding her. The tracks he has found make no sense, the clues left behind unlike any he has ever seen before, and the disappearance of Trisha and her friends a mystery he is determined to solve. When his daughter unexpectedly returns with a warrior from another world, he realizes he has no choice but to return with her to her new home or lose her forever.

She is their protector and a member of the Royal House of Valdier. When her first mate is killed she is devastated, for while he was not her true mate, they loved each other very much. She thought to join her mate in the next life but something told her it was not yet her time. She believes it is because of her five sons, all Princes of Valdier devoted to protecting their people and the Hive, the birthplace of the symbiots. When both her sons and her people are threatened, she will do whatever she has to in order to protect them.

Paul Grove finds love in the beautiful alien woman who takes his breath away. For the first time since his wife died when Trisha was a baby, Paul wants someone of his own to hold. When a madman threatens his new family and takes the woman he is determined to claim, he will use all of his skills in hunting, tracking and guerilla warfare to get her safely back by his side.

Morian discovers that the alien male who has claimed her is the true mate she has always hoped of having but thought an impossible dream. Will she be able to save him before a powerful Valdier Royal kills him as he did her first mate or will she lose not only her true mate but her entire family to a man obsessed with gaining control of the Hive and the people of Valdier? She is willing to sacrifice anything, including her life, to protect them. What she does not know is that Paul is the ultimate predator when his family is in danger. For when he is in pursuit of an enemy, his prey never gets away.

Melina Franklin was barely sixteen when she and her grandfather were kidnapped from their small farm in Georgia by an alien trader and sold to an Antrox mining asteroid in deep space. Mistaken for a young boy, she lives in fear of being found out and sold. Her only companionship for the next five years is her grandfather and the Pactors, a large creature used for hauling the mining ore, that she takes care of.

She dreams of the day when she and her grandfather will somehow escape and return home to the rolling green hills of their farm. The twin brothers are a rare species of dragon known for their fierceness in battle. Born to the mystic dragon clan of the Northern Mountains, they have given their allegiance to the Dragon Lords vowing to serve and protect the royal family and their new true mates. The brothers know they will never be able to have a true mate of their own. Never in the history of their clan have twin dragons been able to find a mate capable of handling two male dragons.

They can only hope that they die in battle so they are not destined to be caged when the loneliness eventually drives their dragons insane. The twin dragons are confused when two humans are discovered on an abandon asteroid mine. The old man and his grandson appear normal enough but their dragons and their symbiots are driving them crazy, insisting the boy is their true mate. Neither know how to handle the other two parts of themselves or their need to remain close to the boy. On top of that, the young human male refuses to have anything to do with either of them.

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He hides and avoids them every time they get near him.