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psychoanalytic psychotherapist | clinical supervisor | couples therapist The Dark Night of the Soul is the title given to a poem by 16th-century Spanish poet and What insights might we take away from this familiar, nearly ubiquitous metaphor of dying .. Darkness and turmoil stimulate the imagination in a certain way.

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The U. The nation had to endure the inevitable traumas of growing up, as any democracy would. I think it is common to understand it as saying the aim of the war is not just restoration of the Union but emancipation of the slaves.

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  6. November: Lincoln's Elegy at Gettysburg.

Lincoln says equality but means racial equality. Lincoln has a very deep idea of equality that transcends emancipation.

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One of the big lessons of equality is that its meaning continues to unfold. Categories: General , Humanities and Social Sciences. Tuesday, September 24, Communications Brandeis Home Brandeis.

By Debra Filcman Nov. In his famous address given several months later, President Lincoln was mistaken when he predicted, "the world will little note, nor long remember what we say here," yet perfectly accurate when he continued, "but it can never forget what they did here.

Lee clashed on those first three days in July, some Gettysburg townspeople took refuge in their cellars. All around them thundered a battle so intense that the North American continent has yet to see an equal. It was a miracle, some say, that only one local resident perished in the conflict -- a young woman felled by a bullet while baking bread. Experienced travelers recommend seeing Gettysburg more than once.

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  • It's hard not to resist this quaint town and the haunting battlefield which stretches for miles.