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Panther Variants, by Hilary L. Doyle, Thomas L. Jentz | Waterstones

A part of the "Images of War" series, looking at Germany's fearsome array of heavy panzers which entered the battlefield from onwards. Superb photographs and detailed captions show each in a variety of situations on both the Western and Eastern Fronts; at rest, on the move and sometimes heavily-laden with infantry, knocked out, refuelling, and a number which demonstrate a range of camouflage techniques.

Unlike many other books in the series, this one concludes with several appendices giving more precise information on crew uniforms, the composition of typical armoured units, and a brief order of battle of the panzer divisions. The title is a useful guide as it includes a high proportion of photos of the Tiger I and the Panther, though there is only limited content illustrating other heavy pieces such as Jagdtiger, King Tiger and Ferdinand. Many of the pictures you may have seen before as the Tiger and Panther are both regular topics for books on the Panzers.

This is a good collection of well captioned photos with some useful references for modellers. A series showing a Tiger I under maintenance, along with the large gantry crane will make a useful reference for what could be an interesting diorama. The book itself has pages and is split into three chapters plus three appendices. The chapters break the years down to cover Fighting Withdrawal , then Panzer in Retreat and then The End Each one is introduced by a couple of pages of background text to set the scene, then a collection of photos appropriate for each period.

He is a dedicated collector of rare images and an expert in his field. He lives near Chelmsford, Essex. Products Authors Categories Series. Toggle navigation.

Panther Medium Tank 1942–45

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