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Slamming your stem means placing it on the lowest position of your forks steerer tube, just like lots of pros. But guess what? Always use big gears to build leg strength. So if you are planning to do some big-gear work on the bike, build up slowly and use it sparingly. Spend your winters doing steady rides. In our more enlightened day and age, most riders also spend time doing some intensity over the winter. This could be short bursts on your weekend group ride, or an interval session on the turbo every week.

Longer cranks are better. Unless you're particularly tall don't worry about longer cranks. It used to be thought that longer cranks were better, as a longer lever would allow you to put more power out. However, whilst longer cranks allow you to put more force through the pedals, your feet just end up having further to travel in the pedal stroke.

This means the actual effect on your power output is almost zero, you just put out the same power at a slightly lower cadence. Joining on rides is naturally at your own risk and neither myself, any other organizers or meetup can accept any responsibility for any mishaps on the trip. We will wait no more than 15min at the starting point. If it was agreed to pick you up along the way somewhere we will not wait at each point for more than 5min.

Also make sure you bring a few basic tools and a spare tire in case of technical problems. Most cyclist do not bring anything to plug punctures anymore but just carry one or two spare tires, so if you forgot yours and the others in your group may not carry the right size, the group may be stranded trying to get you back home… Lastly, for those who may not be familiar with Meetup, the groups are all run on voluntary basis by enthusiast.


None of the groups are professional tour organizers of any kind, so do keep that in the back of your mind if one day you find that a trip is going less smooth than you hoped for. Also, it does cost money run this page. I have been happy to pay for it, as I do it for my own enjoyment. For most events I will not charge any fees, but I welcome any small contributions to share the cost.

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Saludos and hasta pronto, Michel. Also I never done this route before so I will follow the map. For this ride you will need a road bike. It is not an easy ride so you need to be trained and prepared for cycling all day.

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Also be aware that you need to be able to find the way back in the case you don't want or can continue this is why you need at least google maps with gps on your phone or equivalent. You can follow the route also in strava and komoot. We will arrive to Caldes at AM breakfast at home or in the train and start the route. First stop in Sant Feliu de Guixols for brunch.

Last stop Blanes Castle and train back Remember to bring: 1. Aiming to loop round Collserola or Maresme hills with two or three climbs and be back in Barcelona at an outside cafe by Routes will be posted in the comments below. It is recommended to load the route on your gps device or phone in case you get lost.

The minimum you'll need is a road bike in good condition, helmet, some water, energy bar or gel and a reasonable level of fitness. Remember to bring lights as early season and autumn rides will end in the dark.

Be visible! If you're unsure if it is for you, come and try it out! The group generally breaks up on the climbs and descents and we regroup at the end of each. We'll wait about 5 minutes and may head off if the gap is too large. If you are the one waiting for more than five minutes perhaps the Advanced group is for you?

If you are turning back at some point during the ride, please do let someone know, so the group does not need to wait unnecessarily. If you are struggling or have a technical issue, do notify someone in the group. Although we avoid dropping riders, if we are unsure where someone left the group, we may not be able to wait.


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Finally make sure you have downloaded the route to your GPS device or phone so in the event you get lost or behind you can find you way back home. This is our weekly Tuesday advanced evening ride, taking place all year round Time of Departure: We vary the departure time throughout the year to optimize with the available light, so do check the current time each week. We generally leave around 6 and do depart promptly, so please come on time to avoid missing the group.

Place of Departure: We leave from Plaza Molina. On a few occasions we may select a different location depending on the route and will announce this beforehand, so please do check before joining. Level of the Rides: These are advanced rides and only suitable for fit riders who are riding regularly. If you have doubts, please contact the organizer. The rides are "spirited group rides" with friendly competition especially on the climbs.

On the flat sections and descents we ride as one group, with generally the stronger riders taking the front allowing others to draft. On the climbs the group does generally break up and we regroup at the top of each climb. Although we wait at the top of the climbs, we will limit the amount of waiting to about 5min max and may proceed if the gap is too large. Also, if we do see someone struggling with the pace of difficulty, the organizer may discuss for the rider to return independently. Routes: Routes get announced at the meeting point before departure.

There are a few different routes we take depending on how people feel and who comes out but a typical summer ride is km, taking around 2 hours with 3ish Collserola climbs which tend to be between km long each. Occasionally we will mix things up and do a Maresme ride departing from Hotel Arts or a ride from Montjuic.

During the darker months of the year Nov-Feb , we ride challenging city routes with very steep climbs on quiet and well-lit neighborhood streets above Ronda de Dalt or flat rides near the airport and Zona Franca. Beers afterwards on occasion, suffering usually, and fun always. See you there! We always stop for a coffee in La Floresta so bring a little money.

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