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psychoanalytic psychotherapist | clinical supervisor | couples therapist The Dark Night of the Soul is the title given to a poem by 16th-century Spanish poet and What insights might we take away from this familiar, nearly ubiquitous metaphor of dying .. Darkness and turmoil stimulate the imagination in a certain way.

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Now, fall was common in England until about the end of the s, when it was ousted by autumn.

Chaucer and Shakespeare both used it in their works, notably. Speakers of British English largely use autumn. Fall provides a nice foil to its opposite season, spring from the idea of the spring of the leaf.

Season Of The Harvest

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Good wine the perfect end to the harvest

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The harvest season has arrived. Despite the good mood, the harvest process involves a lot of long hours to reach the final result, the wines.

Season of the Harvest [Lowki (Kingz Hifi) featuring I-lodica]

There is no fixed date for the Douro harvest season to start but it usually happens in the second half of September, it depends on the weather conditions throughout the year and how the vineyards have reacted to it. Can you imagine sharing a bottle of wine you produced with your friends? As you know, it all starts with the picking of the grapes by hand.


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Grapes are literally hand-picked, with the help of scissors, of course, and the boxes are carried by workers on their back. This happens to the sound of someone marking the rhythm with a song, so workers while embracing each other, can stomp in a synchronized and more effective way.

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