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Interrogate your own ideas by breaking them down into their pros and cons. Being both negative and positive about a concept will allow you to see it through multiple perspectives and develop it accordingly. Draw out your ideas to engage your brain in different ways. Doodling while you are brainstorming can help you flesh out your ideas by tapping into different cognitive processes. While mulling over ideas, draw simple sketches that pertain to them. Presenting your thoughts visually may allow you to expand and develop them more. Create an inspirational collage that relates to a particular theme.

If you are brainstorming about a particular idea or problem, expand your thinking about it through images. Go through magazines, newspapers, or online image sites to find pictures that are somehow relevant to it. Print or cut out the images and glue them into a collage that you can look at for further inspiration. Place the collage in your creative space to help your thought process. Part 1 Quiz If you're making a new creative space for yourself, how should you design it?

Near a TV or radio for background noise. Near a window or other spot with natural light. In a dark, quiet room. Practice mindful meditation for a few minutes every day. Even a few moments of mindful meditation each day can help you relax, improve your awareness, and inspire self-reflection.

Sit quietly and focus on clearing your mind and breathing deeply.

Do your best to feel present in the moment and forget about past and future worries. You can download meditation apps if you find guided meditation exercises helpful. Try positive thinking to strengthen your creative mind. Positive emotions can strengthen your psyche, increase your attention span, and improve your creative abilities.

Build a positive attitude by expressing your emotions in a healthy way, cultivating good relationships, and taking time for self-care. Treat moments of adversity as opportunities for emotional growth and learning. Engage your sensitive side to heighten your awareness. Sensitive people are often creative because of their heightened perception of the world around them. They may feel emotions and sensory experiences more deeply and pick up on nuances and unique details easily.

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Try to access your sensitive side by watching nostalgic films, reading emotional literature, or listening to evocative music. Go for walks outdoors to encourage creative thought. Getting outside is an excellent way to stimulate your senses and clear your head. This, combined with the cognitive benefits of exercise, can enable creative thinking.

Take walks outside for 15 minutes or more to get the creative juices flowing. Part 2 Quiz Why are sensitive people often creative? Sensitive people have more intense, extensive sensory experiences. Sensitive people see unique details. Sensitive people feel their emotions deeply. All of the above. Change your daily routine to expand your thought process.

A Semantic Network Cartography of the Creative Mind.

Routine can be the enemy of creativity because it removes the need for quick thinking and new ideas. New stimuli will keep you on your toes and open your mind up creatively. Try to shake up your everyday life with a few small changes, such as: [12] Taking new routes to get to work or school. Changing the decor in your home or office regularly.

Listening to different music, podcasts, or radio stations. Hang out in different spots to expose yourself to new stimuli. New environments can inspire us and awaken our sense of creativity by offering new sights, sounds, and experiences.

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Visit new restaurants, coffee shops or stores in your area to explore. Travel to parks, libraries, and museums in nearby areas to experience new surroundings and get out of your comfort zone. Try new hobbies to expand your life experiences and gain new talents. Learning new things in an enjoyable way is an ideal way to open your mind.

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Fun hobbies can reawaken your adventurous spirit and improve your overall outlook. Look for hobby-related courses at local community centers or search online for interesting classes in your area. Start getting up earlier in the morning to make the most of your time. Waking up earlier in the morning will give you extra time to be creative before you have to deal with other responsibilities. A few extra hours of free time before work may be the ideal window to approach new ideas with a clear mind, free of distractions.

Being awake at a different time of day may also inspire new thoughts and insights. Part 3 Quiz What is one way you might expand your thought process? Walk a familiar route to school every day. Move the furniture in your office to different spots.

Download several episodes of your favorite podcast. Surround yourself with other creative people to get inspired. Creativity can be contagious, so it can be valuable to make friends with people who work in a creative field or pursue creative hobbies. Depending on your interests, you may get along well with painters, photographers, writers, sculptors, or filmmakers.

Attend events, take lessons, or join groups where you will have the opportunity to meet such people. Seek out artists and painters by attending vernissages, or taking painting or drawing classes. Meet photographers by taking a photography course or visiting photography exhibitions. Get in touch with writers by attending writing seminars or book readings. Look for meet-up groups online that are dedicated to your interests.

Read as much as possible to discover new ideas and themes. Read as many books as you can about a particular niche that interests you.

Secrets of the Creative Brain

Research the history of a certain topic, or read memoirs or studies about it to understand it better. Knowing subject inside out and reading different perspectives will make it easier to be creative about it.

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Access peer-reviewed scholarly articles online to get reliable information about different topics. Listen to TED talks or other inspiring lectures.

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You can even be silly or funny. Relaxing your standards while you generate ideas increases your openness and boosts creativity. Observe the world around you. The most creative people are always on the lookout for interesting things, even if they don't apply to whatever they're working on now, he adds. Keep a notebook or a computer folder full of interesting ideas, articles, images, or even passing thoughts. They will likely come in handy at a moment you least expect.

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