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psychoanalytic psychotherapist | clinical supervisor | couples therapist The Dark Night of the Soul is the title given to a poem by 16th-century Spanish poet and What insights might we take away from this familiar, nearly ubiquitous metaphor of dying .. Darkness and turmoil stimulate the imagination in a certain way.

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In a USA Today article.

Sherrard desperately needs to know Christ's love for her and that only he can heal the wounds in her heart that have caused her to fall into lesbian behavior. However, if the gospel is silenced, she will be forced to continue to find her solace elsewhere, such as in a liquor bottle, rather than having it quenched by the living water that is Jesus Christ.

Alan has witnessed the pain of those who are trapped in homosexual behavior firsthand from the time he spent as a full-time and special prosecutor — both on the local and federal levels — and as the head of several criminal investigative task forces. In addition, he served as the executive director of the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography in In the various roles he served across the United States, he had in-depth and personal exposure to not only the criminal enterprise surrounding hard-core pornography's production and distribution, but to much of the related sex trade, especially to those who practiced homosexual behavior.

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In multiple prosecutions of people involved in every level of the pornography trafficking industry, Alan learned firsthand, many times from hours of conversations with defendants and their counsel, of these individuals' real view of the First Amendment it was a joke and a smoke screen. He also learned what the profiteering pomographers thought of the homosexual persons who were plied with every manner of video, magazine, and appliance.

To be blunt, the pomographers had nothing but disgust and ridicule for those who paid them hard cash. It reduced human beings to valueless commodities to be ogled at and disposed of like used tissue. And sad to say, many of these individuals who were disposed of by the pomographers were practicing homosexuals. One of the unique experiences Alan had was to meet many young homosexual men and women who were stmggling with the issue of pornography and the various forms of sex trade outlets.

These included the so- called gay bars, many of which he, and his other commission members, discovered to be often owned or controlled not by homosexuals, but by exploitive heterosexuals and criminal enterprises. These individuals and organizations just wanted to make a buck off the weakness of others. Alan talked with these men and women in depth about their pain, their heart needs, and the role that this material played in their formation and their sexual behavior.

Alan has maintained some of these relationships for more than seventeen years by occasional correspondence, and some of the individuals he knew have since died of sexually transmitted diseases. Based on these years and experiences with those trapped in homosexual behavior, we must express real outrage at the merciless exploitation of those with homosexual urges and temptations.

It is for these tragically exploited people that Christ died. Those who are trapped in homosexual behavior have been deceived, just like anyone else who does not know the fullness of Christ. They are often told that their greatest enemies are the church and in the case of Craig's friend many have sadly given credence to that thought and the traditional family, the two entities that could bring the healing they so desperately need.


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The result is that the immense inner pain of many has been channeled into an incessant drive to silence, punish, and, ultimately, eliminate these two institutions. It is the church a church that proclaims the gospel that can guide them to the healing of their pain through faith in Jesus Christ, and it is the traditional family that can keep future generations of children from falling into homosexual behavior.

John Paulk's story is an example of what can happen when the traditional family breaks down and children are left hurt and confused. With only one parent — in most cases, the mother — to bond with and attach to, boys in particular are vulnerable to falling into homosexual behavior. John's experiences remind us that we must support and defend the traditional family, in order to prevent such pain from being spread to an entire generation of children.

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Only by God's grace, his forgiveness, restoration, and healing in our lives do our own families today experience the richness of living his model lifestyle. The Alli ance Defense Fund has been involved in countless cases involving the rights of people to live and express their faith, to share Christ's love with a hurting world, to protect the sanctity of human life, and to defend marriage and the family from those who seek to redefine these terms into meaninglessness.

We will discuss some of the legal cases that the Alliance Defense Fund has been part of and how what we have experienced has alarmed both of us with regard to how the homosexual agenda threatens religious freedom, and in particular, evangelism. Bill Bright, Dr. James Dobson, Dr. James Kennedy, the late Larry Burkett, Marlin Maddoux, the late William Pew, and more than thirty other national ministry leaders to provide strategy and coordination, training, and funding in the legal battle for religious freedom, sanctity of human life, and the traditional family and its values.

ADF has provided funding and assistance in hundreds of legal matters, including twenty- nine cases before the U. Supreme Court, has trained more than volunteer attorneys to serve the Body of Christ across America, and partnered with more than one hundred ministries and organizations.

Since its formation, ADF has been involved in nearly every legal case of national scope concerning the 9 definition of marriage and attempts to redefine the family. Almost daily, we hear from another parent whose children have been exposed to homosexual activism in the classroom, or from an employee forced to undergo so-called diversity training at work training that ridicules the Christian position on homosexual behavior , or from a business person forced to violate his or her sincerely held religious beliefs about homosexual behavior.

These cases are not going away. We are seeing them happen with increasing frequency as the homosexual activist movement strives to censor or marginalize all speech that is in accord with biblical teaching on homosexual behavior, and with it, the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the pages following, we will outline how these attacks on religious freedom are being played out in all aspects of our culture.

We know from personal experience that many Christians we come in contact with are uncomfortable with this whole issue of homosexuality. Many choose to avoid the subject totally, rather than set themselves up for ridicule and vilification.

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So why are we insisting that we examine this issue? Because, whether you realize it or not, this issue affects your marriage, it threatens your children, and if we don't do something soon, it will drastically limit your religious liberty. For the sake of evangelism, for the sake of freedom and human rights, and for the sake of the very souls of those who desperately need to hear about the love of Jesus Christ, like John Paulk and the others we have mentioned who have responded to the gospel, we cannot allow this to happen.

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And the church is confused on the issue. This is why we believe, with the strongest sense of urgency, that the faith community must be fully educated on the threat that is coming to the front door of their places of worship and their homes. We need to do this not only for those trapped in homosexual behavior, but also for the future of our children, our country, and the church. Consider the following illustration.

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You are on vacation, visiting the Grand Canyon. As you are standing on an observation platform, you witness the typical scene of a person below the platform with his back to the edge of the canyon posing for a picture. Then something unusual and disturbing happens. The person keeps backing closer and closer to the edge. From your vantage point you can see that if the person backs up any farther, he is going to plunge thousands of feet to his death. From his vantage point, he cannot see what is about to happen.

You run toward him and shout a warning. Then something even more unusual happens. The people standing below the platform, taking the picture, yell back at you and tell you to stop your hate speech. They tell you that you need to respect diversity and the decision to stand as close to the ledge as they want. Before their last words are finished, the person near the edge continues backing up, loses his footing, and falls to a horrible death.

Sound preposterous? Yes, it does.

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But due to the incredible, amazing grace of God, believers have been granted the vantage point to see and warn the individuals of the dangers ahead if they continue to engage in sinful behavior. He has given us the ability to see from the observation tower the big picture that others cannot see.

Few, if any, would condemn people standing dangerously close to the edge. However, we would warn them and others of the physical dangers ahead if they keep moving in the direction they are going. Compassion does not mean that you provide the person with a pat on the back as he heads over the cliff. It means loving our neighbors as ourselves and warning them of the dangers ahead if they continue down the same path. As Christians, we cannot sit idly by as individuals engage in behavior that will result in their eternal demise.

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Yet, the concern we have for our brothers and sisters — for their physical, psychological, and eternal welfare — has now often been classified as hate speech, and in the near future we face the real likelihood of punishment if we issue even the slightest of warnings about what may await them. As Christians, we cannot remain silent, nor can we allow others to silence us when it comes to the eternal soul of an individual. However, if the homosexual agenda continues to go unchecked that is exactly what is going to happen.

The other question we have to ask ourselves is this: are we willing to take a stand for our children and our grandchildren?

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