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Explore the BBC. Full Schedule. Contact Us Like this page? Send it to a friend! You Really Got Me The Kinks Ray Davies would become expert at chronicling the neuroses of repressed Englishmen, and this song positively seethes with tension and sexual confusion.

The Kinks' Ray and Dave Davies Reunite After 20 Years to Play "You Really Got Me" — Video

Song facts. I'm a Lover Not a Fighter. You Really Got Me. Bo Diddley. Bald Headed Woman. Shel Talmy. Too Much Monkey Business. I've Been Driving on Bald Mountain.

Revisit The Cure’s unusual cover of The Kinks song ‘You Really Got Me’

Stop Your Sobbing. James Moore. Long Tall Sally. You Still Want Me. You Do Something to Me. Beautiful Delilah Chuck Berry.

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  • Van Halen – You Really Got Me ( Remaster) – Poslušajte na Deezerju.
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So Mystifying Ray Davies. I'm a Lover Not a Fighter J. What a class version, with Eddie letting rip and great backing vocals and bass too. They really make it their own.

Van Halen - You Really Got Me

You are forgiven for not knowing. We will let it slide. And as far as picking, you can got wrong with either. The Kink fans have come out in favor of the Kinks obviously. I guess that happens when you have two good versions and you choose a side. At least it made for a fun to read comment section! I also hear a Beatles influence in that tune. Heck, everyone was trying to do the Beatles at the time. But what do I know?

Thanks for stopping by. You made my morning.

The Kinks Dave Davies denies Jimmy Page played on 'You Really Got Me' - NME

I love to see the passion from someone about a band they love!! I love the Kinks. They were definitely a great band and worthy of HOF. It was only that song that I liked the VH version better.

And it gains points by being unlike anything else at the time add me to the people who see no Beatles influence what-so-ever on YRGM. Van Halen is all flash, which is what Eddie is all about and makes him great. As far as Beatles, no one agrees with me on that. I think my thought was more on the sonics of the recordings. I think that is where I was coming from. Eddie vanhalen is remarkable!! Dave Davies is remarkable within the depths of RayDAvies pen! Great post!

Beautiful Delilah

The potency of the first couple of VH albums is hard to resist. And their version is a powerhouse and outstanding for sure. But the tribal urgency of the original Kinks single has maintained its greatness over time far better. Pizzazz point goes to VH, but legacy staying-power to the Kinks. While every invasion era group copped some degree of visual presentation from the Beatles, musically the Kinks were distinctly original IMO.

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It is simply one of the most important songs to influence what was to become of Rock after Everyone copied its guitar sound. Its place in history aside, it is a very exciting record with a great vocal, backing vocals, bass, in addition to the distorted, aggressive guitar sound. Dave Davies was barely 17 when he played on this record and changed everything. How cool is that? That is incredible.